Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tell me...
You’ve seen the cheery lovely sunlight,
But have you ever felt its rays on you?
You claim it makes the world so bright
But can it lift you out of gloom?

You’ve heard the music of a thousand birds,
But have you ever listened to their song?
Noise and clamour has you in their grid,
But it’s for melody you truly long.

Have you seen the raindrop fall?
Or not take notice at them at all?
Felt its blissful chill on your skin,
Or perhaps measured them in a tin?

A thousand words you claim to know,
A hundred poems, and untold prose,
Word-prefect, recited one by one,
Memorized, but see the value of none.

Have you ever hugged you friends?
Have you ever love you foes?
Have you ever whispered sweet love,
To you one and only rase?
Days come and night pass on,
And sun doth rise and moon doth fall,
As we age and our head grow strong,
Does our heart grow at all?

There is live to be lived!
Song to be sung!
Friends and family to be share,
Be we old or young!

So, tell me…

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